Essential Oil Organizer & Bottle Holder by Simply Shelf

essential oil bottle organizer

Looking for essential oil storage ideas? Tired of expensive, bulky, space-hogging essential oil organizers that fall short in practicality and everyday usefulness? We are. That’s why we created Simply Shelf.

Simply Shelf is the original, adaptable essential oil bottle holder that keeps your oils organized and accessible without sacrificing space and convenience.

Why Choose Simply Shelf?


Displays Oils at Perfect Label-Viewing Angle for Easy Access:

Unlike most organizers, Simply Shelf is designed to hold essential oil bottles at an optimal label-reading angle. This makes identifying and selecting your favorite oils super simple.

Adaptable & Expandable:

With the help of an accomplished industrial designer, we carefully created the first adaptable essential oil storage system that can expand and adjust to your specific needs. The compact design of Simply Shelf allows you to store your oils almost anywhere–drawers, cabinets, nightstands, coffee tables or desks.

Stain Resistant, Easily Wipes Clean

Unlike most essential oil holders, Simply Shelf won’t stain or erode due to essential oil drips and leaks. In fact, its Aluminum frame easily wipes clean and can even help salvage precious oil spills.

Protects Household Surfaces:

If you’re an oil fanatic like us, you’ve got oils everywhere. And you’ve likely witnessed the damage a leaky oil bottle can inflict on your household surfaces. The compact design of Simply Shelf allows you to keep your oils on nightstands, window seals, and other household surfaces without worry of damage. Say no to oil rings and grab some Shelves today!

What Simply Shelf Customers Are Saying:

”Simply Shelves have really helped me get my roller bottles organized in drawers so I will actually see them and use them!”

– Kara

”So much nicer to have my bottles at hand and each table visible!”

– Alice

”I absolutely love the clean, organized look, the ease to find the oil I need, the ability to easily expand, and the convenience.”

– Patti

”These essential oil shelves give me the perfect way to keep my oils within reach. I keep some on my kitchen shelf, and one in a drawer in my bathroom.”

– Mary

It’s time to join these satisfied oil users and start organizing your essential oils with Simply Shelf today!