Essential Oil Display by Simply Shelf

Essential Oil Display Shelves

Discover a better way to organize and display your favorite oils with the Simply Shelf essential oil display system.

We love our essential oils. We use them weekly, daily, sometimes hourly 😉 For some of us, sharing essential oils is part of our lifestyle and even part of our lively hood.

Simply Shelf display racks not only help you organize your essential oils, but they also make sharing and displaying your oils effortless and fun.

The unique, yet modern design of Simply Shelf gives your oils the attention they deserve. These attractive, carefully angled display shelves ensure that your essential oils will be seen. Oil bottles sit at a perfect label-viewing angle making it super simple to share your favorite essential oil brands. Each oil display rack also features anti-roll divots that prevent oil bottles from rolling and keep them securely seated while you show them off.

Simple Oil Sharing with Simply Shelf

Simply Shelf was originally designed to be an essential oil drawer organizer. However, as feedback flooded in, we realized our clever organizer was also a useful way display and share oils at classes, booths, boutiques, trade shows, etc… It’s amazing how just one Simply Shelf can attract attention at the office, the clinic or at home on the coffee table. Your awesome oils + our awesome essential oil display shelves = effortless, yet effective oil sharing.

Simply Shelf Features and Benefits:

  • Displays oils at perfect angle for easy identification and sharing
  • Ideal for displaying your favorite oils at classes + events.
  • Modular design makes it easy to display oils in limited space scenarios.
  • Protects wood, plastic, and other vulnerable surfaces from corrosive oils.
  • Compact and lightweight for travel (throw a stack in your purse, your carry on…)