Essential Oil Storage by Simply Shelf

Keep your favorite oils organized and accessible with our unique essential oil storage system.

  • Displays oils at perfect label-viewing angle for easy access.
  • Modular and expandable to fit virtually any space from small night stands to large drawers.
  • Ideal for displaying your favorite oils at classes + events.
  • Protects household surfaces from corrosive oils.
  • Compact and lightweight for travel.
“Keeps my oils organized, neat and most importantly, easily recognized.”

– Debbie



Meet Shelf. The accessory every oil enthusiast should have. Simply Shelf makes your oil lifestyle better in three primary ways: Keeps your oils stored and accessible in almost any space, Organizes your oils at the perfect viewing angle for easy label reading, and provides the unique solution for displaying your oils at your next class, event or consultation.



It’s time to graduate from the space-hogging essential oil storage chest to the space-saving Simply Shelf. Each Simply Shelf organizer holds 5 oil bottles and can connect to additional Simply Shelf storage racks. Thanks to it’s flexible design, Simply Shelf fits almost any space and in all the places you use your oils most (tabletops, desks, small/large drawers, nightstands, etc…)

essential oil drawer storage.
essential oils storage rack.


Simply Shelf makes oil organization painless and practical. Viewing and reading bottle labels is key when organizing your oils throughout your home or workplace. The unique design of Simply Shelf allows you to not only store your oils, but also to quickly identify and access oils for daily use. Even when pesky lid labels fail, Shelf keeps your oils organized and accessible.

essential oil storage rack


For most of you, essential oils aren’t just part of your lifestyle, they’re part of your livelihood. Sharing oils might even be a daily activity for you at the clinic, the office, a boutique, a trade show, or even in your home. Shelf makes displaying and sharing oils easier than ever. Don’t hide your oils in a box, show them off with Simply Shelf.

essential oil drawer storage.
essential oil display rack.



Simply Shelf measurements.


“Exactly what I need for my kitchen oils! Quality product. These racks are perfect for keeping the essential oils I use daily in my kitchen organized. No longer are the bottles rolling around in a drawer or taking up space on my countertop.”
– Karen
“I have tried a basket, a shelf, a soft sided bag but was always “hunting” for the oil I wanted. These shelves keep my oils organized, neat and most importantly, easily recognized. I invested in a large set and look forward to filling my next drawer with oils!”
– Debi Stafford
“The product I have looked for since I began my essential oil journey. Simple, easy to use, and they make the oils look even better. My raindrop oils all laid out and ready for the next session.”
– Heather
I’m Finally Organized! I love how these display shelves have really helped me get my roller bottles organized in drawers so I will actually see them and use them! The simple, modern design allows my essential oil products to really shine when needing to display essential oils. I also appreciate the fact that they are compact and lightweight…such a plus when traveling to vendor gigs, classes, and other events.
– Kara
Finally the product ive been waiting for! I’ve used essential oils for over 25 years, and these are THE BEST storage solution ever! I absolutely love the clean, organized look, the ease to find the oil I need, the ability to easily expand, and the convenience. This is the answer for oil storage I’ve been seeking.
– Patti
Best for essential oils. I’ve looked everywhere for a good solution to my essential oil mess and I’ve found it. Perfect for the drawer they were rolling around in for the past few months. Love it!!
– Daniela
Already filled them up for the kitchen-need more for other areas of the house!! Love these shelves! So simple but so useful; easy to clean as well. They can be lined up in a row or stacked one behind the other as the back of one shelf rests neatly in the front of the other-like they designed it that way or something :). They can also be used individually or as a group. Thought I might use a shelf in the kitchen, one in the bedroom and one in the family room or office (wherever the downstairs diffuser is in use). Instead filled them all with foodie oils for the kitchen – cinnamon, black pepper, citrus oils, spice oils. Oops-now I need one or two more sets lol!
– Julie H