Essential Oil Storage with Shelf

  • Display oils at perfect viewing angle for easy access.
  • Modular and expandable to fit virtually any space from small night stands to large drawers.
  • Ideal for displaying your favorite oils at classes + events.
  • Protects household surfaces from harsh oils.
  • Stain resistant and easily wipes clean.
  • Makes for a great gift or incentive too!


Okay, so you're looking for something to store and organize your essential oils? You've tried the oil coffins, space hogging "oilful" towers and storage racks that look like a middle school students latest wood shop project. There's nothing wrong with wood shop projects of course, but isn't it about time for a practical, simple, sexy solution for storing, organizing, and displaying your essential oils?

Let me introduce you to the Shelf- the best solution for essential oil storage. The Shelf is lightweight, modular, portable, stain-resistant and just down-right sexy. Organize and display your oils neatly in a drawer, on your countertop, nightstand, or at work. Even better... display them on your coffee table show them off at your next class or event.

Here's a few reasons to consider Shelf for your essential oils

More Convenience, Less Hassle

If you use essential oils, you know how fun the lid labels are. AND if you have kids, you really love lid labels. With Shelf, you'll be able to ditch those pesky stickers. Shelf offers an optimal label viewing angle so you don't have to spend the time playing the pick-and-pull, twist-and-turn game while trying to find the oil you need.

Saves Space

The Shelf was designed with space saving in mind. The Shelf is small, yet modular, allowing you to expand your Shelf storage solution front to back, right to left. Use just one Shelf for your nightstand, or fill an entire kitchen drawer with your whole oil collection. With it's compact, stackable design, you can take Shelf storage racks anywhere, anytime. Throw a set in your purse, keep a set at work or pack your entire Shelf entourage in your luggage while you hit the road for classes or events.

Protects Household Surfaces

Essential Oils are awesome. But even these gifts of the earth can leave a nasty mark on your household surfaces. You know what I mean. You can always spot a serious oil user by the circular stains and erosion marks left on tabletops, pianos, countertops, nightstands throughout their homes and work spaces. Say no to stains! Grab a set of stain resistant Shelf racks and protect all your household surfaces. Shelf is made of recyclable aluminum that make oil clean up super simple.

Puts Your Oils in the Spotlight

You love your oils. You're passionate about them. You use them daily... at home, at work, and wherever you go. Rather than hiding your oils in a wooden sarcophagus, show off those oils with Shelf. Shelf racks are designed to display your oils at the perfect viewing angle and give you the chance to show them off at every opportunity.